Following are the people we are trying to locate. Please use the Contact Us page to share any information you might have that would be helpful... addresses, emails, or phone numbers. Also of value might be married names or recent places our classmates may have lived.

Some of these have Facebook pages but have not responded to efforts to reach them via Facebook Messenger. If you know them, please trying friending them on Facebook,

Ashbrook Linda
Beck Carolyn
Beck Peggy
Benefield Rufus
Berg Patti
Bernard Patricia
Boyd Marcia
Browning Pamela
Caldwell Regina
Carter Ava
Coleman Mark
Cook Michael
Cooper Janice
Craig Christine
Daniel Peggy
Davies Daniel
Downs Karen
Dunn Robert
Durban Robert
Ellis Pamela
Evans Daniel
Fiorini Carolee
Flamm Gary
Flaugher Charlene
Freeman Deborah
Gerbig Jeffrey
Gray T.
Haffer/Hoffer Karen
Hale April
Hall Linda
Hall Todd
Harden Robert
Harland Ray
Hawkins Cathy
Henderson Freddie
Henderson Tom
Herrington William
Herzner Thomas
Hook Linda
Kaliski Mary
Kennedy Daniel
Kirk Patrice
Knost Sylvia
Laurens Vivian
Lee Mary
Leslie Patty
Long Diane
Lotspeich Michael
Lovell Mary
Lovitt Wesley
Lundy Michael
Lyman Moe
Marshall Thomas
Mathews Marcia
McAfee David
Morrow Arlene
Neale Tish
Newman James
Nickson Donna
Nolan Lona
O'Holley Louella
Osborn Susan
Parker Linda
Peterson William
Phillips Gregory
Rankin Deborah
Ray Cynthia
Robinson Horace
Rose Pamela
Rucker Sharon
Simpson Annette
Smith George
Smith Karen
Smith Susan
Spitzer Anna
Staples Yvonne
Stites Peter
Styles Yvonne
Sumpter Rebecca
Taylor William
Thacker Robert
Tinch Juanita
Turner Karen
Tuttle Linda
Walker James
Walker Peggy
White Carol
Whitmire Sandra
Williams Gwendolyn
Williams Sue
Woodall Genene
Young Judy